I'm not the pawn to your king.

I'm not anything at all.

I came home from work at like 7 and slept until 11am the next day. Lol wow.



This Artist Gustavo Silva Nuñez Not Only Creates Incredible Paintingsof Swimmers, He Also Interacts with Them!

Gustavo Silva Nuñez is a Venezuela-based artist who not only creates incredibly realistic paintings of swimmers, but also pose with them (mostly while creating them) in such a way that makes it seem like he’s actually interacting with the person in the painting.

How. This is incredible.

I ain’t even realize it was a painting at first…

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We see clouds so often that it’s easy to forget how amazing they are. Thankfully German astronaut and geophysicist Alexander Gerst is currently aboard the International Space Station where he often spends his free time taking countless extraordinary photos of the Earth as it’s whizzing by 205 miles below.

Gerst is particularly fond of photographing dramatic shadows cast by cloud formations - something that we cannot see down here on Earth. These stunning photos remind how awesome clouds are as they cast shadows that stretch for thousands of miles across the planet’s surface. Shadows so long that they eventually disappear into the black horizon.

Follow Alexander Gerst’s Twitter feed for new photos shared daily.

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A selection of Backgrounds from the Steven Universe episode: Steven and the Stevens

Art Direction: Elle Michalka

Design: Steven Sugar, Emily Walus, Jake Wyatt

Paint: Amanda Winterstein, Jasmin Lai

Some bgs I painted for Steven and the Stevens! That cool zip pan is the handiwork of Jasmin Lai :)

WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT I drew those underwater temple BG’s when I worked on this show for like five seconds last year.

The brush I had to use went all haywire when I rotated my canvas in CS5 and it

Cool show tho.

So when people leave, I’ve learned the secret: let them. Because, most of the time, they have to.

Let them walk away and go places. Let them have adventures in the wild without you. Let them travel the world and explore life beyond a horizon that you exist in. And know, deep down, that heroes aren’t qualified by their capacity to stay but by their decision to return.

—The Staying Philosophy (Everyday Isa)

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